Breccia Arlecchina NM3
Breccia Arlecchina NM3
Breccia Arlecchina NM3
NM3 Breccia Arlecchina dining table


Dining table

NM3 believes in modernism as a form of expression. NM3 deals with form and composition, ordinary abstractness as a source of infinite possibilities. NM3 wants to extract specificity through the strict ordinary: common elements, average industrial techniques, raw materials.
In the project of NMAR Dining Table, NM3 approaches the historical Breccia Arlecchina, very rare and unique stone from the Medicean quarry, with a contemporary view and abstract way.


Breccia Arlecchina 230 x 90 x H.75cm

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From the quarry in Tuscany, Italy
» BLOCK #AR0123
NM3 Breccia Arlecchina dining dable

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