Design Variations Milano Design Week 2024

A Limited Edition of collectibles for contemporary living, created with natural stones from the historic quarry of Breccia Medicea dell’Acquasanta ®

A selection of unique artworks created by illuminated artists and designers. Each item is unique and represents the colors of the stratification of natural stone.

In the former garage in Viale Gorizia 14, the location chosen for the DESIGN VARIATIONS 2024 edition, design is the bearer of new messages, it is a tool for social transformation, it is the way to convey clear and sustainable values. Quality, durability, circular economy are necessary ingredients for designing and thinking about the future of living.

Office KGDVS

NMAQ1 – design NM3

Agglomerati x Maria Tyakina Breccia Acquasanta

Agglomerati x Maria Tyakina – TPTMT coffee table

Agglomerati x Maria Tyakina Breccia Acquasanta

Agglomerati x Maria Tyakina – TPTMT console

NMAQ2 design NM3

CHUNKY stool – design ETAMORPH

181 Corner chair – OFFICE KGDVS

Design Variations Milano map


The projects in this collection were created from existing materials, without having to extract new blocks. A conscious use of elements with minimum waste, in order to create sustainable artworks.

Millennials VS Millions Years

A dualism between the new generation of contemporary designers and materials that come from millions of years ago, in the Mesozoic Triassic period (200 million years).

Layers / Multilayers

The possibility of working on stratifications of the material, as the natural stone itself comes from stratifications and calcifications.

All the artworks were created in artisanal laboratories in Italy thanks to high qualified experience of marble professionals. 
Production Partner: A.A.T.C and Co. 

DESIGN VARIATIONS 2024 – Viale Gorizia 14, Milano