Rosso Rubino hexagon tile


Mosaic side 5cm

Modular hexagonal tiles in natural stone Rosso Rubino from the quarry of Breccia Medicea dell’Acquasanta in Tuscany, Italy. The tile cutting process is complex: it starts by cutting the stone block into thin 1.2cm slabs which are then honed or polished and cut with a water-jet then combined by hand into a sheet that allows for transport and modular installation.


Mosaic sheet 31 × 32,5 x 1cm
Side 5cm

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From the quarry in Tuscany, Italy
» BLOCK #RR1116
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Rosso Rubino is a natural stone and may have variation in color and shade. As the tiles are cut in blocks from a stone quarry formed by nature, there are significant differences between batches of the tiles when it comes to the shade and pattern depending on the area of the quarry a particular lot was pulled from.
For the maintenance of the surfaces always use specific cleaners as FILA or TENAX (no soap, no alcool). Do not use harsh products that could damage the surface of the stone (such as acids or descaling products).

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