TPTMT coffee table in Breccia Acquasanta by AGGLOMERATI


Coffee table

“The Past That Made Them” examines the role of stone in crafting contemporary art objects to narrate their historical origins. By shaping the material’s ancient layers using modern fabrication practices, the collection reveals a narrative embedded within.
The design, characterized by contoured elevations supported by vertical structures, draws inspiration from geological formations, such as fault lines and rolling hills. These gestures reflect tectonic movements to create a landscape on the surface. The panelled legs under the surface display the rich layers of earth and the material’s role as a natural archive.
By merging the notion of time with mindful resource utilization, “The Past That Made Them” preserves the materials’ historical value and addresses contemporary sustainability interests and ethical craftsmanship practices.
Design: Agglomerati x Maria Tyakina


Ø 90 x H. 32cm
TPTMT coffee table in Breccia Acquasanta by AGGLOMERATI

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